Health2Mama which is a branch of Health2u was started in Singapore by Rebecca Aldridge after having a baby in early 2018.  Rebecca gave birth to Aria 5.5 weeks early under C section as a result of low amniotic fluids and breached position.  Getting out of the house with a new born is not an easy feat with car seats and prams, baby bags to lift and carry.  Particularly when you are told that you should not be lifting more than the weight of the baby after C section for the first 6 weeks.

Breastfeeding proved painful and very difficult, postnatal massage companies contacted for massage at home either had closed down or unable to provide home visits and pain around the C-section was made worse by travelling out to visit clinics.  Rebecca also had the presence of the diastasis recti being widening of the abdominal muscles.  Being a physiotherapist she was aware of postures when breastfeeding and lifting and how to do baby massage and core pelvic floor exercises and low back pain relieving exercises.  She called on the physios under Health2u to see her at home and help with C section scar massage, low back pain relief treatments and massage.

Rebecca started Health2u back in 2015 and from the experience Rebecca realised that the concept of Health2u with visiting people in their home was an awesome service for new mothers to have and started Health2Mama and the ‘Ultimate Recovery Session’ after birth.

We are now are a small specialist team of physiotherapists passionate about providing a number of services to mums at home with the aim to make your life easier and more comfortable after birth and then when ready to move on to regaining your body and fitness back.

If you have an questions or are keen for us to visit you at home just call or drop us a whatsapp at +65 8358 2144 or email

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Rebecca started Health2u in Singapore following the success of Physiocomestoyou Ltd in London and the UK which is still running strong.  Both companies were developed to address the gap in the market for a professional service providing... Read More »