Womens Health & Paediatric

Womens Health & Paediatric Physiotherapy

Health2u has both womens health and paediatric physiotherapists who able to visit the home in any Singapore location therefore offering a more discreet and convenient service.  We do also have a clinic at Telok Ayer if preferred and both international and local physiotherapists on the team.  Our physios are highly knowledgeable and offer a range of services.


Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists with Health2u offer exercise programmes to help prepare you for birth of your child and reduce the associated problems with pregnancy such as incontinence, low back pain and pelvic pain. Then following the birth they can help safely get you back into shape as soon as possible. For those breastfeeding our physiotherapists can offer massage around the breasts to help mastitis developing, relieve pain of blocked milk ducts and aid milk flow.  For caeserean section births scar tissue massage can also be beneficial.  Read more about caesearean sections here

Read our FAQ’s on women’s health physiotherapy for more information

Paediatric Physiotherapy 

Paediatric physiotherapists have a special affinity with children and as well as provide effective physiotherapy treatment they can tailor them to suit the age of the child and make it fun.   Having the physiotherapy at home also provides comfort and convenience for children and their families.  The exercises are taught in their own environment so then easy to continue practising between physiotherapy sessions.

There are a number of reasons that paediatric physiotherapist is required in children including developmental delay, sports injuries, pain, accidents, surgery, neurological issues and brain injuries.

See our FAQ’s on paediatric physiotherapy for more information.

The benefits of specialist services at home

With paediatric and women’s health physio and other services, as well as other services all available in your home, you don’t have to travel to receive the care you need. We have therapists on our team that are experienced in treating such a large range of different problems and available to come to you.

To find out more about our services, to book an initial appointment or to discuss treatment, just get in touch with us here at Health2u.

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