Pre Natal & Post Natal Massages

By Experienced Physios

Pre & Post Natal Massage By Physiotherapists


How Is Pre and Post Natal Massage Different to Normal Massage?

Prenatal massage (pregnancy massage) is carried out while the mother to be is pregnant and Post Natal Massage is carried out on the mother after birth.  The mother undergoes a number of physical, physiological and emotional changes during and after pregnancy.  The massage therapists at Health2u are physios and are knowledgeable of these changes and the safe and comfortable positions to put the mother in when carrying out the massage.  In pregnancy massage, the massage is softer and more gentle to help protect the developing baby and different methods and techniques are used.  There are also certain pressure points that need to be avoided in the massage while the mother is pregnant to ensure the massage is fully safe to mother and child which a qualified pre/postnatal massage physiotherapist under Health2u will be aware of.  The massage after birth will be directed to helping the mother recover from the strains of pregnancy and birth including relieving any back of pelvic pains, excess fluid and fat deposits of the stomach.  Helping to slim and firm the stomach after pregnancy.

What Are The Benefits Of A Prenatal Massage?

Pregnancy massage is a therapy treatment which like other massages can help relieve stress from body’s muscles, remove sore areas including nerves and help with relaxation.  The constant strain on the muscles and joints in the body can cause excessive pain and the areas that hurt are normally the areas under the most stress. Prenatal massage can help relieve this strain and our physiotherapists have specific experience in the pressure points that can be massaged to help with morning sickness, reducing anxiety and sleep.

It also helps blood circulation and the lymphatic system helping to ensure blood flow is healthy to both mother and baby.

The pregnancy massage helps to stabilise hormone secretion which helps calmness and leads to fewer mood swings.  Anxiety is also lowered and sleep improved and changes of prenatal depression significantly reduced.

For the back, sacroiliac pain and sciatic pain the massage can help reduce tension around the affected nerves and muscles.

Hormonal pigmentation on the body can be lightened. stretch marks can be prevented and less fluid retention and cramping in the legs.  Toxins can be flushed out from the body and constipation lessened.

Regular massage during pregnancy has been showed to help the labour go smoothly.

What Are The Benefits Of A Postnatal Massage with Health2u?

Postnatal Massage can be just as important and of benefit as massage during pregnancy.  The massage can help with relaxation and recovery after birth helping to regulate hormones (reduce chances of postnatal depression), reduce swelling, improve sleep and improve breastfeeding.  By working on the stomach itself recovery can be speeded up and slimming and firming of the stomach happen at a much quicker pace.

As our massages are carried out by physiotherapists with experience in pre and post natal care they can be tailored to also include lymphatic massage to help improve milk flow when lactating and reduce any soreness from excess fluid accumulation in the breasts.  They are also knowledgeable in recovery after C sections and able to carry out controlled and effective massage to the C section scar when required.  This will help improve mobility of the scar by reducing scar tissue adhesions and subsequently remove any pain associated with the scar and affected tissues.

Body aches that started during pregnancy can continue after birth with also the additional aches and pains that can happen in the lower back, upper back, chest and shoulders/arms that arise from breastfeeding and carrying/lifting of the baby. The physiotherapist can also help resolve any numbness and tingling that may arise.

When Can I Have Pre or Postnatal Massage?

Some prefer to avoid massages in the first trimester due to the fragility of the rapidly growing embryo in this stage.  As soon as the 2nd trimester starts the massages can be started and postnatal massages can happen any time after birth.

How Often Should I Have Massages?

For optimum results, we recommend twice weekly massages in the 2nd trimester and once weekly massages in the 3rd trimester.  After birth, the massages can be as often as required to give the benefits you are looking for such as pain relief, general wellbeing and slimming/firming of the stomach.

If you would like to try a pre or postnatal massage with one of the physiotherapists under Health2u just send us a whatsapp to +658358 2144 or email us at

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