Cardiac Rehab

What Is A Cardiac Rehab Programme?

A cardiac rehab programme is provided by physiotherapists with experience in helping people recover from surgery or procedures involving the heart including heart bypass, stenting and angioplasty.  The physiotherapist needs to have the experience to help you increase your fitness, strength and activity in a safe and controlled way.

Is Cardiac Rehab Necessary?

It is necessary to help you regain fitness and health in a safe way and to help prevent any future heart problems.

How Long Do I Need To Do Cardiac Rehab?

Depends on the individual’s fitness but can take any amount of time between 6 weeks to 6 months to regain the optimum fitness for you and to prevent future heart problems.

What Are Cardiac Rehab Exercises?

The program will include warm up, stretching and strengthening exercises as well as activities that raise your pulse rate like walking fast, marching, cycling and then end with a cool down.  The warm up is key as prepares the heart for the pulse raising exercises ensuring they are safe.  Physiotherapists at Health2u have pulse recording devices so that you can measure your pulse rate when exercising – this ensures that you work hard enough to increase your fitness but not too hard to strain your heart while recovering.

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