Amputee Rehabilitation

Amputations can happen due to trauma or a medical condition or people can be born without a limb or part of a limb.  Amputation can be at any level but the most common places include:

  • below, through or above the knee
  • through the hip
  • part of the foot
  • single toe

We have physiotherapists on our team at Health2u that are experienced in treating people with amputations.  They have worked with a number of different prostheses available and will work with you to achieve your goals and return you to as a functional life as possible involving the work, hobbies and sports that you re keen to do.

What is amputation physiotherapy?

The exercises taught by physiotherapists after an amputation aim to stimulate blood flow in the patients leg and strengthen muscles around the stump and rest of the body.  There is also massage around the stump area and rest of the limb that can help with any scar tissue and reduce pain.  The physiotherapist will help advise you on caring for your stump and teach you to regain your mobility, strength and walk again.

If you or someone you know have had an amputation we can organise for an experienced physiotherapist to come and visit at home in any location throughout Singapore.  Just contact us via phone, whats app or email.

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