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Physiotherapy After Surgery

Having surgery whether planned or as a result of an emergency can place the body under a lot of stress and leave stiffness in joints, weaking of muscles, tightness of muscles and reduce your fitness.  Physiotherapy after surgery helps with all of these problems as well as work hard to return you to the activities you want get back to doing as quickly as possible.

What is the role of the physiotherapist after surgery?

Post Surgery Services

Once undergone surgery you need a physiotherapist who is experienced providing rehab to people who have had the same surgery.  This is where we can help as we have physiotherapists who specialise in rehab after surgery and can see people at home at locations throughout Singapore.  Our post surgery therapists aim to arm you with the tools to rehabilitate after surgery.

When should I start physiotherapy?

To be honest if you have planned surgery it is worth seeing a physiotherapist before hand who can start you working on any weaknesses or tightness you may have before and this will then make you in a better position to recover quicker from surgery as soon as its done.  Once surgery has been carried out physiotherapy should start as soon as possible to achieve the best recovery.

The types of post surgery therapy 

Our physiotherapists will carry out an thorough assessment to begin with and them develop a recovery programme to match your requirements.  This programme can include a number of different treatments such as:

  • post surgery massageP1111493 333x500 - Post Surgery
  • post surgery exercise
  • post surgery recovery tips 
  • treatments to reduce pain and swelling
  • teaching use of crutches to walk and on stairs
  • teaching how to walk again or even run again and play sport

It can be challenging at times recovering from surgery but the physiotherapists at Health2u are here to support you and help you make a full recovery.  To organise and appointment then contact us via email, whatsapp or phone.

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