Oncology Physiotherapy

How Does Physiotherapy In Oncology Work?

There are a number of methods that physiotherapists at Health2u can help people with cancer in Singapore.  Their aim is to keep the person as active helping them continue with their daily life activities, work, hobbies and sport.  The physiotherapist needs to have the experience to take into account the tiredness that people undertaking cancer treatment can be experiencing.  There is also evidence out there that exercise can help reduce the risk of the cancer returning.

Also the physiotherapists can help the lymphoedema with lymphatic massage  and give compression advice.  There can be pain secondary to cancer and physiotherapists at Health2u have a number of treatments they are able to use to reduce pain.

Cancer can make people feel extremely tired and we can help to make your lives easier by coming to see you at home and keep up your motivation to exercise.

What Exercises In Oncology Physiotherapy Are Available?

Different exercises are given depending on the individual. We have a smart Physitrack system which allows the patient to access the exercise programme at home with videos of the exercises via an app on their phone.

If you would like to have a physiotherapist come and see you at home in Singapore or would prefer to come to our clinic at Telok Ayer just contact us via whatsapp, email or phone.

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