Older Person's Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy For The Older Person

As we become older there is a tendency to lose muscle strength, mobility and balance and these effects can be slowed and also reversed by physiotherapy. The effects of osteoporosis can also cause problems within the spine and of certain joints. They can come to you at home, care home, nursing home or in hospital. Occupational therapists can also assess your home environment to make any difficult daily activities easier.

Following a fracture or period in hospital our,therapists can see you at your home, care home, nursing home or in hospital to help you get going again as soon as possible.

Why Is Physiotherapy Important For The Older Person?

People are living longer and therefore it is even more important to keep yourself mobile and strong so that you can live as good a quality of life as possible.  Physiotherapy can help keep going and prevent weakening and loss of balance leading to falls and possible fractures.  When people are unwell or hurt themselves this is when physiotherapy is essential as they can stop people becoming bedbound which so commonly happens. The services we can offer to help with the older generation are:


  • Fall prevention programmes,
  • Mobility and strengthening programmes
  • Osteoporosis bone conditioning programmes
  • Massage and gentle manual therapy for relaxation and pain relief

Who Would Benefit From Older Person Physiotherapy?

Anyone wanting any of the following:

  • To be more mobile
  • To have more confidence in walking inside and outside
  • To get going again asap after a hospital stay
  • To get going again asap after an injury
  • Reduced pain
  • To be stronger
  • To be more flexible
  • To have better balance
  • Reduced risk of falling
  • To have better posture

What Is Involved In Rehab Of The Older Person?

It depends on your requirements but the rehab is likely to include one of or a combination of massage, manual therapy, exercises, advice, mobility practice, walking aid recommendations and acupuncture.

If you would like a Health2u physiotherapist to come to your home in Singapore just contact us by phone, email or whatsapp. Our physiotherapists cover all locations in Singapore.  If you prefer a clinic we are located centrally at Telok Ayer.

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