Falls Prevention Programmes

What Is The Importance Of Falls Prevention Programmes important?

According to the National Registry of Diseases Office (NRDO) of Singapore in 2012 there was as many as 277 falls per 100,000 people and it is known that the incidence rate sharply increases with age.  These falls can lead to injury and fractures and the probability of having significant reduced mobility and a feeling of more vulnerability is high.  Some have to resort to a wheelchair or end up bed bound and without help remain like this.

A falls prevention programme can reduce falls by over 50% if created to suit the individual.  The programme helps to address any hazards in the home, related medical problems and increase strength, mobility, flexibility, coordination and balance.  At Health2u we recommend, backed by evidence, that 2-3 sessions of exercise should happen a week for 6 months with some sessions being with the physio and others on your own with your family or carer.

Why choose Health2u’s Falls Prevention Programme?

  • We offer 3 different levels of programmes
  • Tailored to the individual rather than a generalised programme
  • Carried out in the individuals home or care home
  • We work closely with carers and family members to ensure carry over of the exercises between physio sessions
  • We progress the exercises to ensure continued improvement
  • One to one sessions enable us to challenge you
  • Practice of getting up from from the floor safely (as if had a fall)

What do our Falls Prevention Programme include?

We offer 3 types of programmes.  All programmes include the following:

  • Initial Appointment (1 hour) – a home hazard check and hazards removed, medical history taking, assessment of your flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and mobility.  After the assessment you will be provided with a starting set of exercises tailored to your needs
  • Exercise equipment kit –  3 exercise bands, balance cushion and exercise ball
  • Exercise programme provided with pictures and videos available via our app – updated version provided after each follow up session
  • Referral onto one of our Occupational Therapists if home adaptations required
  • Report writing to your GP if medical related problems need to be addressed
  • Follow up sessions (45 mins each) which aim to check and progress exercises as appropriate

Basic Programme – Initial Appointment (1 hour) and 5 follow ups (45 mins each) over course of 6 months – ONLY 750sgd inc.exercise kit – usual price 1250sgd

Intermediate Programme – Initial Appointment (1 hour)  and 10 follow ups (45 mins each) over course of 6 months – ONLY 1425sgd inc exercise kit – usual price 2140sgd

Advanced Programme – Initial Appointment (1 hour) and 20 follow ups (45 mins each) over course of 6 months – ONLY 2675sgd  inc. exercise kit – usual price 3990sgd

To book a falls prevention programme with Health2u or just a couple of sessions of physio to teach you the exercises just contact us via whatsapp, phone or email.

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