Golf Fitness Assessments

A few of our physiotherapists at Health2u have a particular interest in golf fitness and are able to able to assess and treat golfers to improve their game and help prevent pain and injury.

Is a Golf Fitness Assessment for Anyone?

You do not need to be a good or professional golfer to benefit from one of Health2u’s golf fitness assessments.  They are valuable of beginners, intermediate and advanced golfers.  Whether you are an occasional or regular player it will help improve your game and prevent/resolve pain and injury.

What are the benefits of a Golf Fitness Evaluation?

Golf Player

  • Improved swing technique
  • Enhanced strength
  • Improved stability
  • Improved power
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Better flexibility

What Will Happen In A Golf Fitness Assessment?

The sports physio will assess how your body moves in certain functional movements and then when swinging a golf club.  They will also check for any tightness in muscles, stiffness in joints and for hypermobility and reduced strength. Breaking down the golf swing will help to prevent injury and greatly benefit your swing and power.  A treatment programme will then be started including a combination of manual therapy, stretching, massage.  An individualised exercise programme will be given including flexibility, fascial stretches, stability, strength, mobility and power exercises.  The treatment will then help to make you a better golfer and prevent pain and injury while practicing and playing.

If you would like to improve your golf in Singapore or prevent/treat pain or injury just contact us to book an appointment with one of our sports physios at Health2u via phone, email or whatsapp.  They can come to see you at home, at the driving range or even on the golf course.

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