Ergonomic Presentations


By Popular Demand due to the current climate our Health2u Ergonomic Specialists are have are having great success with our Online Ergonomic Presentations via Zoom Or Teams

If the workplace allows we can still offer presentations In House.

We tailor it to the topics that the client would like covered which can include:
  • Brief on statistics related to bad postural positions at work and during daily living activities
  • Background and descriptions regarding the different pains and discomforts that can develop from postural positions taken during work and poor lifting techniques
  • How to adapt the workstation properly to prevent any pains and discomforts from developing
  • Question and answer session to the attendees on how to spot different poor postures at workstations
  • Advice and active workshop session taking attendees through some stretches that can be done easily at work at the workstation and in standing
  • We provide an app with videos of the stretches to attendees so that they can easily follow the stretches at any time
If you would like to organise individual workstation assessments this also can be arranged which concise reports will be emailed after with recommendations.


Test runs will be organised with the organiser prior to the presentation and a presentation recording will be available for you to send to your employees afterwards.





Contact us by phone, email or whatsapp to start the ball rolling with setting up a presentation for your employees.

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