Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Health2u offer deep tissue massages which are as it describes deeper into the tissues designed to relieve muscle tension and connective tissue tension.  The deep pressure is applied throughout the body.  Our massage therapists can carry out the massage at your home, workplace, hotel or carehome.

Will A Deep Tissue Massage Help Me?

A deep tissue massage is good for problems such as helping recovery after an injury, muscle pain that seems to stay and muscle tension, pain from bad postures and fibromyalgia.  Before your massage you can discuss with the therapist what is best for you.

Do Deep Tissue Massages Work?

They are great for relieving specific tender points in the body which are known as trigger points.  When a muscle is in spasm it develops a specific tender spot where there are adhesions and the massage will help to break down these adhesions and this will then lead to the whole muscle relaxing and the tension moving away.

How Frequently Should I Have A Deep Tissue Massage?

How frequently completely depends on the individual and their lifestyle. Weekly massages can be beneficial for those with a lot of stress in their life, playing a lot of sport, suffering more pain or recovering from an injury.  Once a month is a good frequency for maintenance to help relieve any tension and prevent pain from recurring.  Once you have had your first massage with one of our therapists they will be able to recommend to you how often they think you should have massages in the future.

Are Deep Tissue Massages Painful?

There can be discomfort when the therapist comes across one of the trigger points but this often an enjoyable discomfort to people as they realise that once the discomfort subsides the muscles relaxesa and they feel much better and more flexible as a result.  You can feedback to your massage therapist during the treatment to get the right amount of pressure applied that you are comfortable with.

Just contact us if you would like to try a deep massage with one of our therapists and they can visit you at your home, hotel or workplace at any location in Singapore.

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