For Business

Health2u has a division specialising in Corporate Wellness offering several services to companies of all sizes.  It is known that Businesses can severely suffer from employees being off work due to pains developing from poor postures at work.  Research has shown ergonomic awareness taught to employees as well as timely physiotherapy treatment when pain develops can help prevent employees having to take time off work.

How can Health2u help the Wellness of our Employees?

Health2U offers a free presentation to HR and Staff Benefit Teams on our Corporate Wellness Service.  bespoke package that can be made up of the following:

Free Presentation to HR and Staff Benefit Teams

Physio Treatments provided in house or at employees home when required 

Ergonomic Interactive Powerpoint Presentations to Employees

Assessments of Employees Workstations

Prehab Classes to prevent sports injuries 

Pilates and Yoga Classes At Work

Massage at work

How Will The Above Services From Health2u Benefit Your Business:

  • avoid costs of employees being off work
  • prevents employees developing pain due to bad work postures
  • avoids time lost by employees travelling to a clinic to be seen
  • improve staff retention and boost employee mood
  • help employees return to work faster following injury or surgery
  • healthy workers = better workers

To speak to our corporate wellness and ergonomic specialist team at Health2u please just contact us by phone, email or whatsapp.