We are dedicated to offering high quality physiotherapy for pain, sports injuries, neurological conditions, the older person, women’s health and people after surgery.

The service we provide is at your home, workplace, hotel, carehome, sports ground or school.  If you prefer a clinic we are located Centrally in Telok Ayer and Hougang.  Our physiotherapists will work hard to help return you to any daily living activities, working or sporting activities you may be limited with as a consequence of your condition.

How does our service work?

The physios are experienced in recreating any treatment you can have in a clinic for you where-ever you are.  Exercise equipment and treatment tables can be easily arranged.

Assessments and treatment are tailored to the individual.  The initial appointment will include asking questions, looking at your movement, strength, balance, coordination, walking/running and daily functional activities.

The physiotherapist will then start on a treatment programme specially created for you.

Booking an appointment

Please contact us through phone, whatsapp or email.  An appointment will be then arranged at a convenient location and time for you.

First Appointment

This will last approximately between an hour and 90 minutes and involve a thorough assessment and setting of goals along with an outline of proposed treatment and treatment as appropriate.

Follow Up Appointments

These will include treatments aiming to help you achieve any goals that have been set between you and your physio and restore you back to work, sport or any other daily activities you may be struggling with due to your injury, pain and condition.



Does physiotherapy cause pain?

Most of the techniques and exercises used by your physiotherapist will not hurt.  However sometimes some discomfort can be experienced with techniques such as soft tissue work , manual therapy, massage and stretching.  This discomfort can occasionally extend to the next day but this is not a problem as then will relieve and the overall pain you were experiencing should resolve as the body restores to a more ideal way and cure the pain in the long run.

Will physiotherapy help back and neck pain?

If you are suffering pain that has just started or been around a while it is best to start physiotherapy as soon as possible.  The physiotherapist will have a variety of treatments that can be used to alleviate pain and restrictions in and around the joints and muscles of the back and neck.  Exercises using our smart physitrack exercise programme will also be of help.

Can physiotherapy treatment safe?

Our physiotherapists have undergone years of training and they are all registered with the Allied Health Professions Council in Singapore.  The thorough assessment they will carry out at the beginning will help them make the best decisions to ensure all treatment is safe.

Can physiotherapy help a pinched nerve?

Nerves can be squeezed as make an exit between two of your spinal vertebrae in your back and neck.  A physiotherapist will be able to assess you and work out where your nerve is being irritated and then carry out certain manual therapy and provide exercises to help sort this problem.