Guaranteed to provide you with maximum relief post having your baby whatever the delivery method.  The last thing you will want is think about organising services or having to pack the baby up to travel to a clinic.  Having become a mother recently herself Rebecca Aldridge put together the ‘Ultimate Recovery Session’ for mums after birth in the comfort of their own home.

The Health2Mama Ultimate Recovery Session

This session is recommended soon after birth within the first 2 months and lasts 2 hours including:

  • relaxing postnatal 1 hour massage for mum (click here for more info) including lymphatic breast massage to provide breastfeeding relief if required
  • 20 min baby massage session including teaching mum basic massage techniques to carry out with their baby (click here for more info)
  • check for the presence of a diastasis recti (DRAM)
  • teaching and checking basic pelvic floor exercises
  • assessing the lifting, breastfeeding and carrying techniques of the mother and baby and advising how to prevent the onset of upper and low back pain, chest and shoulder pain

Recovery Session Cost – 250sgd for 2 hours

Separate Recovery Services

We offer the following services to help your recovery as separate sessions.  The physiotherapist will visit you at home.

  • physiotherapy for any pain or discomfort (130sgd-250sgd)
  • post natal full body massage to restore energy levels, heal the strains from pregnancy and birth.  In addition will help remove cellulite, excess fluid and fat deposits of the stomach helping you to feel slimmer with a firmer stomach (130sgd)
  • breast relief – we can offer lymphatic massage, ultrasound and taping to prevent/relieve engorgement or breast inflammation (mastitis) and improve milk flow (150sgd)
  • physiotherapy session to help check for any diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and help ensure the pelvic floor muscles are working well and start you on a gentle post birth exercise programme personalised to you – 150sgd
  • ergonomic advice session – the therapist will check your feeding / lifting/ carrying postures including baby carriers with your baby at home and advise on how to position yourself to prevent low and upper back pain and tight chest muscles – 130sgd
  • nutritional advice session – one of our experienced dieticians will visit you at home to discuss yours and your baby’s dietary needs (120sgd – can be also through skype)

We would love to make your recovery easier.   If you would like to book one of our physios to come to your home and help in your recovery after birth just drop us a whatsapp at +65 8358 2144 or email us at







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