All of our FIT MAMA programmes involve the therapists coming to you with no additional travel charges.


Guaranteed to provide you with maximum relief post having your baby whatever the delivery method.  The last thing you will want to do is think about organising services or having to pack the baby up to travel to a clinic. From experience we have put together a package of services we feel will make such a huge difference to you in the first month of being at home.

The recovery package at 750sgd (usually 850-1000sgd) includes choosing 5 sessions of the following options:

  • post natal full body massage
  • breast relief – we can offer lymphatic massage, ultrasound and taping to prevent/relieve engorgement or breast inflammation (mastitis) and improve milk flow
  • physiotherapy session to help check for any diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and help ensure the pelvic floor muscles are working well and start you on a gentle post birth exercise programme personalised to you – if any physiotherapy hands on treatment needed also can be provided
  • ergonomic advice session – the therapist will check your feeding / lifting/ carrying postures including baby carriers with your baby at home and advise on how to position yourself to prevent low and upper back pain and tight chest muscles
  • nutritional advice session – one of our experienced dieticians will visit you at home to discuss yours and your baby’s dietary needs
  • breastfeeding, pumping and any other concerns advice and teaching session from an experienced nurse

Usual Price for each session is 170-250sgd – as part of the package every session is 150sgd

NB: 2 or more of the same option can be chosen 



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