Raffles Place

Our therapists and exercise specialists can see you at your condo or workplace in the city.  If you are suffering from pain and need some physiotherapy or massage we can see you at work.  If a workstation assessment is required we can provide this service.  Or if your company could benefit from some fitness classes such as pilates, yoga or high intensity training sessions and nutritional lectures to improve the general health of your employees we can provide these services.

Clinic near Raffles Place – Royal One Phillip, Nightingale Surgery

Physiotherapy in Raffles Place

Occupational Therapy in Raffles Place

Speech & Language Therapy in Raffles Place

Pilates, Yoga & Personal Training in Raffles Place

Parkinsons and Osteoporosis Exercise in Raffles Place

Nutritional Therapy in Raffles Place

Sports Massage & Lymphatic Massage in Raffles Place