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What Are The Symptoms Of Pain From The Round Ligaments? It can be quite common, especially during the second trimester of pregnancy, to experience a deep, sharp or jabbing feeling in the lower belly or groin area. It is usually brought on with movements such as sneezing, coughing, getting up, rolling over in bed, or […]

Best Massage Oils For Baby Massage

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Choosing the right oil is just as important as carrying out the right baby massage techniques and massaging at the right time for your baby.  Different massage oils have varied benefits and work better in different climates and for problems such as sensitive skin and tummy issues. Massage Oils Best For Warmer Climates Coconut Oil […]

How to diagnose persistent leg pain

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Persistent leg pain: Is it because of the blood vessels or Sciatica The word often banded around for leg pain is ‘sciatica’. Most people will have heard of this term or heard a friend or work colleague discussing their Sciatica. They are normally referring to leg pain that feels a little nervy or radiates down the leg. The problem […]