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What Are The Symptoms Of Pain From The Round Ligaments? It can be quite common, especially during the second trimester of pregnancy, to experience a deep, sharp or jabbing feeling in the lower belly or groin area. It is usually brought on with movements such as sneezing, coughing, getting up, rolling over in bed, or […]


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    Why is it advisable to continue exercising during pregnancy? As long as you have been given the ok by your doctor to exercise during pregnancy it is definitely worth doing.  If undertaking the right forms of exercise then the benefits include: Keeping the pelvic floor strength up – helps prevent ‘uncontrolled weeing’ during […]


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At Health2Mama we are so excited to launch our ‘ultimate recovery session’ for mums after birth.  Rebecca Aldridge designed this session after having her daughter Aria in February 2018.  She had a c section and found it a battle to get out and about lifting car seats and prams (when told to lift no more […]

Postnatal Exercise – What to Avoid?

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What To Avoid When Exercising After Pregnancy 1) Exercises that can cause a diastasis recti to worsen If you have a diastasis recti then exercises such as situps, crunches, planks and bycicles can actually worsen your condition.  If you are unsure whether you have a diastasis recti (read here for more information) then it is […]

Belly Button Outie – Umbilical Hernia??

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What Can Cause An Outie Belly Button In Pregnancy?is an umbilical hernia? A hernia results when an internal body part pushes through between the rectus abdominis muscles as their muscle wall is thin and weakened.  With the uterus growing in size and the increase in amniotic fluid and general retained fluid this all increases pressure […]

Why Workout With Your Baby?

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As all new parents finding time to keep fit in exercise with a baby or toddler can be pretty impossible at times.  This is when the decision of actually including your baby into your exercise routine can be a great choice.  There are a numerous benefits especially when including your baby whilst exercising: Great for […]

Best Massage Oils For Baby Massage

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Choosing the right oil is just as important as carrying out the right baby massage techniques and massaging at the right time for your baby.  Different massage oils have varied benefits and work better in different climates and for problems such as sensitive skin and tummy issues. Massage Oils Best For Warmer Climates Coconut Oil […]

Ways To Enhance Your Baby’s Development Skills

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It is in the first year of a baby’s life that it grows and develops the fastest. Stimulation of the baby’s sensory and motor skills can only help enhance their development.   By having lots of fun interaction and playtime with your baby is a great way to stimulate their development as their curiosity to learn […]

How To Identify and Cure Diastasis Recti (DRAM).

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What is Diastasis Recti? A term usually women have never heard of or have no idea about until after having a baby. Diastasis recti is a widening of the abdominal muscles which happens during pregnancy.  After birth having a mummy tummy pooch, back pain and weeing on sneezing and exercise usually is due to the […]

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