Recommended by friend and have been a couple of times in relation to issues with upper back and heel problems. Laura has been great at explaining the problems and what needs to be done to achieve results which can already been seen. Would highly recommend! 5 STARS

- Nicholas De Freitas

Katherine did a great job helping our daughter recover from a sports related injury. Would definitely recommend to anyone and will use again if needed. 5 STARS

- Aaron Simmons

Would highly recommend. Was referred to Health2u for my physio in regards to my injured finger. Thanks to Kat and Laura, I'm recovering well through the sessions. They are very professional and nice, always giving practical tips and advises to keep me in track and progressing in my recovery. Thank you so much! 5 STARS

- Jeremiah Kef

Laura is fantastic. She was very thorough in explaining what was happening and why, and built up my exercises over time so that I could follow it easily on my own. Thank YOU Laura!

- Michelle Cronin - Singapore

Laura has been really helpful and caring like a personal friend. My knee's condition has improved so much after all the physio sessions. Will definitely recommend. 5 STARS

- Jessica Lim - Singapore

Laura has been really helpful and caring like a personal friend. My knee's condition has improved so much after all the physio sessions. Will definitely recommend. 5 STARS

- J Platform - Singapore

Great service provided by the physiotherapists! Ambience and environment is awesome too! keep up the good work. 5 STARS

- Jebsen Ko - Singapore

Great therapist. Will use them for all my PT needs. Easy to schedule appointments. 5 STARS

- Jeanne Andrews - Singapore

Wanted to try it out because of how convenient it is, my therapist travels to my place for my treatment! She was the only person that realised my pain on my neck and shoulder was due to my lower back issue and managed to relieve the pain with acupuncture. Really glad to have met Boo and would definitely continue my treatment with her. 5 STARS

- Thy Dowager - Singapore

Went in for physio for my shoulder, and the therapist was definitely experienced and skilled. She designed a programme just fit for me and my injury, adding on intensity and strength exercises for my shoulder. Having her accessible through whatsapp also made for a wholesome experience as I could reach out to her when I wasn't seeing her for further advice. 5 STARS

- Zhi Hui Jasmine - Singapore

Fantastic service at HealthComes2U - many players in our Australian Rules Football Team get treatment there. I could highly recommend Katherine. 5 STARS

- SAFC Treasurer - Singapore

A team of dedicated physiotherapists. Would recommend! 5 STARS

- Jerine Yeo - Singapore

Great service - Particularly thankful that Katherine was able to use dry needling to assist in my recovery! Highly Recommended! 5 STARS

- Bettina Holyman - Singapore

I was referred to Health2u for my lower back. It was a refreshing experience with them. The pain virtually doesn't exist anymore and i have come to understand how my body works for me because of them. Physiotherapist Laura, who saw me through my progress, is experienced and knowledgeable in her field. She helped me resolve my problem through anatomical explanations, posture correction, muscle building exercises and deep tissue massage. She was always ready for a good chat to liven up the sessions. Cheers to Laura and the Health2u team for making my experience with them an enjoyable and fruitful one. 5 STARS

- Qalaamullah Mohamed Fahim - Singapore

Went in for physio for my shoulder, and the therapist was definitely experienced and skilled. She designed a programme just fit for me and my injury, adding on intensity and strength exercises as my shoulder recovered. Having her accessible through whatsapp also made for a wholesome experience as I could reach out to her when I wasn't seeing her for further advice. Going for physio twice a week was definitely what helped me recover from my injury fast, and she often extended the sessions by 10 to 15 minutes when she could so i could get more out of each session. 5 STARS

- Michelle Sara Cheong - Singapore

Got to know about Health2U when i just completed my ankle surgery & was searching for a home physiotherapy. The owner of the organization, Rebecca has been helpful to get me right on the track such as doing admin work for insurance claim. It has now been 2 months to my physiotherapy. My physiotherapist, Ezora, is constantly checking on me to ensure that my ankle is good, and always ensuring that my recovery is on the ball. Thank You So Much! 5 STARS

- Eve Goh - Singapore

Kat MacFarlan was incredibly professional, approachable and friendly when treating my various injuries. Health to you is a great way to get the physio treatment you need around a busy schedule. Kat came and treated my injury with ultrasound and acupuncture during my lunch break. She followed up the session with informative videos, pictures and a detailed write up of specific stretches and exercises I needed to do with a plan of when and how often. What to progress and what to change on a week to week basis. My recovery was extremely fast thanks to the regular treatments I was able to have around my busy schedule. It is all too easy to let little niggles go untreated but with Health to you, you can have the treatment at home or at work! Booking and payment was very easy and physio treatment is personalised, friendly and effective. Have already recommended a number of my friend and will continue to do so! 5 STARS

- Natalie Carter - Singapore

Started Physio with Qian Xin in early July 2017. At that point in time, I had just recovered from a left calcaneum fracture and having non weight bear since 24th April 2017, there was muscle wasting on my left leg. Qian Xin had to strengthen almost every muscle on my left leg from my left hip, left knee and left ankle. I have done physio with her for 3 months now and is gradually regaining the strength of my left leg. Not too far from a discharge from physio. 5 STARS

- Tee Kit Lee - Singapore

Laura is very professional and really knows her stuff. I've been to her for a Grade II ligament tear in my ankle as well as trapped nerve. Highly recommended! 5 STARS

- Changmoh Girl - Singapore

I found the Fit Mama recovery package after having my baby such a welcome relief.  Was having a nightmare with low back ache and milk engorgement and the physio and massage made such a difference.  Having the therapists come to me at home was amazing especially with the severe lack of sleep going on being a new mum and they come at times you choose.  Would recommend this service to any new mum.

- Katherine - Singapore

Rebecca came to my house and carried out baby massages for a small group of mums and our babies.  Found it so convenient to not have to travel and ended up cheaper as no taxis needed.  The babies loved it and mine always slept better afterwards.

- Laura, Singapore

I loved getting back in shape with the Fit Mama programme with Bex.  I bought the Go Mama package and did a mix of exercising with my baby and pilates.  Really convenient having the exercise sessions at home and my baby really enjoyed it too.

- Sarah P - Singapore

Have had a fantastic experience with Kat. She is very flexible which suits my work schedule and has done wonders with my hip. The whole team are very kind and caring making the whole experience seamless from start to finish. Would highly recommend. 5 STARS

- Lucy Penney

Very friendly and professional service delivered conveniently. 5 STARS

- Henk Viljoen

Health2u responded to my enquiry promptly and booked me in for an appointment last minute. Wan was great and helped with my tendonitis in my elbow. I would definitely use them again. 5 STARS

- David Sky

Great therapist. Will use them for all my PT needs. Easy to schedule appointments. 5 STARS

- Jeanne Andrews

The Physio are very nice and approachable. Schedule is very flexible. I will definitely recommend your services to others. Thank you. 5 STARS

- David Bullecer


- Yannis Paraskevas

5 STARS on google review

- Adeline Chua

I had a massage with Katie at home when 33 weeks pregnant and loved it - really relaxing but at the same time managed to get rid of all the tension in my back.

- Sian C

Katie helped me with my diastasis recti - she helped me understand what I was doing wrong when exercising and learn how to do the right exercises to help get rid of my mummy tummy.  The app with videos to help me do them myself between sessions really helped

- Charlotte S

Thanks Rebecca to kick me back into sports after the 2nd pregnancy. Great work out and very convenient for mums with the flexible timing. Thanks a million

- Peggy S

Had a great experience with Laura, Health2u - she was able to see me so quickly after a sporting injury - amazing service - thanks

- Anonymous

Rebecca saw me for my diastasis recti at home which was over 4 fingers width after having 4 children. It took a lot of work but I got there in the end with her help and now down to under 2 fingers and a much flatter tummy as a result.

- Rachel S

I was given the recovery session as a gift for my baby shower. The service was fantastic and I felt confident with the exercises Rebecca advised. Great experience thanks.

- Jess, Singapore

A big thank you to Bex. After 8 weeks of training I feel stronger and fitter. Highly recommend!

- Sarah, Singapore

Had a great time training with Bex. She made me work hard but it was fun. With her help I could really see the results. Highly recommend.

- Sheryl, Singapore

I needed to book a last minute appointment after suffering from mastitis. Very quick to schedule and central location. Thank you.

- Shelly, Singapore

Bex did a great job in helping me reduce my DR. She was able to come to my home which made it very easy to schedule with a young baby. Great service!

- Julie, Singapore

I would highly recommend the Recovery Session for any first time mums. The session was both relaxing and informative and Katie gave me some great advice for pelvic floor exercises and Diastasis Recti. Great experience!

- Nicole, Singapore

Loved training with Katie. She is flexible with timing and came to my home making it easy to schedule. Thank you!

- Lauren, Singapore

A big thank you to Katie. She helped me get back into shape and ready for my summer holiday.

- Amanda - Singapore

Booked an appointment for a blocked milk duct. Katie was professional and friendly and really helped to relieve the pain. Thank you!

- Lydia - Singapore

After having 2 children very close together my diastasis recti gap was quite big. Katie helped me regain my core strength and reduce my gap significantly. Highly recommend.

- Kate - Singapore

Had a great experience with Katie. My DR went down dramatically with her help. Thank you!

- Joyce - Singapore

I was recommend to see Laura by a friend for lower back pain during pregnancy. She was very professional and explained clearly what was happening and why. Highly recommend.

- Vanessa - Singapore

I saw Laura for hip pain in my 3rd trimester. She was very experienced and skilled and able to release a lot of tension. Would definitely recommend.

- Hannah - Singapore

Had a great experience with Ezora. She was able to see me at home at very short notice. Will definitely recommend.

- Grace - Singapore

I was recommended to see Ezora for pelvic pain during pregnancy. She was very flexible to meet my work schedule and helped relieve a lot of pain around my pelvis. Highly recommend.

- Joanne - Singapore

Ezora did a great job at helping me reduce my DR. She was able to come to my home which made it very convenient. Highly recommend!

- Hazel - Singapore

Aneesa is extremely professional and caring when seeing our daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy. We’ve been visiting since February and the change we’ve seen in our daughter in such a short period of time is astonishing. Thank you!

- Lucy - Singapore

I was recommended to see Aneesa for my son's developmental delay. She was extremely professional and approachable. Highly recommend!

- Rebecca - Singapore

I saw Rebecca for a breast lactation massage to help relieve a blocked milk duct. She was extremely professional and friendly. Amazing and convenient service for mums at home. Thanks!

- Vicky - Singapore

A big thank you to Bex. With her help my DR has reduced significantly and I feel stronger and more confident in which exercises are safe for me to do. Great service!

- Charlotte - Singapore

I saw Katie for a blocked milk duct. She was very professional and helped teach me how to do self lymphatic massage. Great service!

- Jo - Singapore

I was recommended to see Laura by a friend. She did a great job at reducing my DR and helping me strengthen by core. She was very clear in explaining the exercises I needed to do at home. Would definitely recommend.

- Kelly - Singapore

Thankful to have found Health2U and Katie Fraine, who worked with me on my diastasis recti the past 2 months. We met twice a week and worked out for abt 45 mins (sometimes it felt like an hr half 😆) Apart from sharing which exercises help with DR and which will make it worse, we also spoke alot about a realistic healthier diet and she shared with me many wholesome simple recipes that I can whip up in minutes. On top of that, she is pretty flexible with her timing, something I truly appreciate as a mother running after 3 kids and a baby. I didn't think it was possible to fix my diastasis recti so quickly, considering I had gone through 4 pregnancies and have lived with the issue for over 10 years. But with Katie's help, my 4 finger gap went down to 2 in the time we worked together. Amazing! Where were you guys 10 yrs ago?

- Maryam Yunos

Thanks Rebecca for her professional guidance and customized program, I reckon I’m on a progressive journey in correcting my Diastasis Recti. It’s great that she comes to the house at my convenient time, so I can commit to the program better. For each move, she would check that my posture is correct so that I can perform at my best capacity, for a better result. Thumbs up! 

- Yun Hwa Lee

I have diastasis recti after two pregnancies and lived with it for six years until I found Health2u which offers home based rehabilitation sessions which were key to my compliance to the program. Being a mother to two young children and juggling this with a full time job means I do not have extra time after work to visit a clinic on a regular schedule. Having found Rebecca who can come to my house on my preferred schedule gives me no reason to “drop out” of sessions. Rebecca wasted no time in customizing an exercise program for me and within 2 months I was able to see physical results! Imagine if I started right after my pregnancies!

- Priscilla Rockey

Amazing job helping reduce my abdominal separation from 4 fingers to under 1 finger and my core is now so much stronger. Thank you!

- Candice - Singapore

Arunah really helped in regaining my mothers walking ability after her stroke. My mother found her very motivating and fun to work with. Highly recommend.

- Jenny - Singapore

Health2u arranged for a Physiotherapist, Arunah, to come to our home to work with my 87 year old mum who had a bad muscle strain under her clavicle after suffering from a fall a week before that. At that stage she had limited movement in her left arm and shoulder due to bruising, swelling and pain. Arunah was very personable and put us at ease. She very quickly made an assessment of my mum’s overall physical health as well as our home environment and gave us good practical advice on how we could help my mum keep safe in and around the home and whilst moving about outside. She worked on my mum’s injured shoulder and most importantly showed us ways we could help bring the swelling down and get my mum’s range of movement back using household items and simple exercises. As advised, my mum’s condition has made very good improvement since our session with Arunah. I would recommend the friendly and professional services that Health2u provided us.

- Linden Fungs

Laura is very informative and explained to me everything that is happening in my body that I do not know. Helps me to understand what's going on. She's guiding me from the basics which I'm very happy with to get on track to a better fitness level. Very friendly, jovial trainer!

- Abigail Tan

Ezora was patient and helpful. She texted me a few weeks later to check on how i was doing and helped me think of alternatives to treat my recurrent blocked ducts issue other than lactation massage and ultrasound therapy

- Jia Wen Chen

Ezora is my long term home sports massage therapist. Her skills are great and she helped me deal with my sore neck and back post pregnancy. Two thumbs up!

- Ruishan Chen

Katie is a motivating and encouraging physiotherapist that helped me build up my core strength after having twins. It is much more convenient and easier that she comes to my home, rather than me having to travel out.

- Lijin Tang

Lovely session with Ezora! Contacted them urgently at 7.30AM in the morning and got a house call slot at 9.45AM the same day. She was gentle and knowledgeable which made the whole therapy very relaxing despite my pain

- Sherleen Loh

A big thank you to Bex and Katie @ health2mama, 2 months of training with the girls and I am back in my normal jeans, it’s a great achievement. Every session has been different, fun and challenging. I am mentally and physically stronger & fitter. Thank you for letting my daughter join our sessions too 🙂

- Claudia McHugh

Simply the best post baby programs to get back into shape! One year after my 2nd baby my body shape and body confidence was not in a good place. I've always been a bit fearful of exercise and knowing how to safely approach it, what to do and how often, so I reached to Rebecca for help and it has been amazing. She is extremely professional but also down to earth, super friendly and fun. Her expert knowledge, bespoke programs and warm encouragement has transformed me. My body is in the best shape it's ever been and I'm feeling confident again. She is simply wonderful and worth every penny! One of the best investments for you and your body. Thank you Rebecca!

- Rachel French

I recently engaged Laura after I picked up a calf muscle injury playing football. She was very professional and thorough in both my initial treatment and also aftercare for me to ensure I didn't repeat the injury. I would definitely recommend her services highly.

- Harjit Khatkar

Love training with Rebecca! She makes you work hard, you see results and you have fun!! My DR went down dramatically with her help!

- Juhi Manwani Bimbhet

Bex has helped me get back in shape after my 2nd pregnancy & be body ready for my sister’s wedding!

- Caroline Lahoud

Laura is doing great work getting me back into form. Easy to schedule appointments and convenient location. Highly recommended!

- Wendy Koh

Laura is fantastic and has been extremely helpful in helping me recover from my foot injury. Had a ball of a time working together with her towards my goals, and getting me back to my sport.

- TNFO Keigo

After suffering from diastasis recti following two children, Bex worked with me to build back my core strength, not only resolving the issue but leaving me stronger than I was pre-pregnancy. Highly recommend!

- Claire Dacombe

Have had a fantastic experience with Bex. She is very flexible, comes to my home, and has got me running a 5km race and also increased my fitness level and strength. Highly recommend. 🙂

- Venetia Foo

Very helpful staff who have really gently help me recover from my surgery. Hope to keep working with them to get back into full form soon.

- Ziesha Mennon

Ezora was patient and helpful. my blocked ducts were so bad that she extended the session to help me clear them. She texted me a few weeks later to check on how i was doing and helped me think of alternatives to treat my recurrent blocked ducts issue other than lactation massage and ultrasound therapy

- Chen Jiawen

I had a prenatal massage with Rebecca at home as I was having lower belly pains for days now and attributed to muscle/ligament strain. She helped me relaxed and showed me some very useful home exercises to workout my pelvic muscles and hip area! Highly recommend!

- Joan Javier-Donaghey

Loved the Baby Sensory Class.  A great way to learn different sensory ideas to try with my baby and a fun thing to do meeting other mums at the same time.

- Sharon S

Tried the Baby Sensory & Play class this week after being recommended it by other mums.  Really enjoyed it and met other mums with babies around the same age.  Katie who runs the class is so friendly and great babies.  Being a physio Katie also check my tummy to see if I had any abdominal separation.

- Kate P

Had a really good session with Katie who helped with ultrasound therapy and Physio for post-pregnancy issues. She is very patient, friendly and informative. Highly recommend 🙂

- Earthy PS

Bex from Health2mama kept me fit throughout my pregnancy and snapped me back into shape really quickly after giving birth - this i give 100% credit to the ladies at health2mama. the trainers were amazingly helpful and supportive and had so much knowledge about any of my strange pregnancy ailments. i would recommend these ladies to anyone, and will definitely be using them again on my next pregnancy.

- Davina Shields

Would like to share my best experience of all the time that I got from health2u , therapy (lacation relief) done by Katie. She is absolutely amazing and professional . Not only that she helped me with my problem , she also supported me mentally through out the hard time I had . I was recommended health2u by my doctor. I had really bad blockage in my breast, due to my breastfeeding to the point where I thought I would not be able to breastfeed anymore. With a first session strait away I got better. Katie is very attentive and gentle , she helped me a lot and I would recommend her as a therapist, specially those who got lacation problem .

- Alina Babadjanova

I was fortunate to have Katie Fraine visit me for an Ultimate Recovery Session after the birth of my son. She was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly, answering an array of questions about post partum recovery. The massage provided excellent relief from various aches and strains from the end of pregnancy. I would highly recommend this to all new mums.

- Ashleigh Cheall

I am very satisfied with the service provided. The therapist guided me very well. The app provided by her was very useful.

- Primula Roshanthan

I had a great experience with Aruna, she was super friendly and professional. Each session helped resolve my pain problems and I was also taught exercises that I can do myself for further pain management.

- Priya Naik

We absolutely loved Katie's baby massage session with our new born. Baby loved it too! Katie was adorable, friendly and patient.Her massage techniques are super. We would love our baby to take more sessions with her.

- Swameeka Medhi Varma

Last week I’ve engaged Katie to help me with breast lactation relief as I had very engorged breasts. Katie is very friendly, skillful and informative. Love her service. Will definitely recommend her.

- Sheila Ho

The physio assigned to me, Sharmala was very knowledgable in her work. She identified the muscle tightness in my groin, which was affecting my work outs were actually due to the hip flexors. After 1 session, my muscles were loosen up and I can do squats properly again now!

- Alvin Yeo

I have been suffering from an injury to my knee and shoulders + neck. I was assigned Wen boo who is a fabulous therapist and after just 1 session with her, my knee started feeling a bit better. She arrived on time at my residence. The booking process was very easy and the response time was super quick. Thanks to Lucinda as well who helped answer my innumerable questions promptly.

- Nidhi Surana

Laura came to my place and pay close attention to my symptoms, she explain to me the details of the exercises that I’ll take; I’m happy with her approach, definitely I’ll take more sessions

- Gemma Godoy

I had my session with Katie. Very recommend as she is very helpful

- Christina Liminto

I had 6 awesome sessions post partum with Health2Mama, who was very professional, effective, and clear in her instructions. The team helped me close my diastasis recti from 4-5 finger spacing to just slightly above 2. Also loved using the Physiapp which helped me to recall what the workouts were. There was a wide range of options designed to be progressive which I felt was very very effective! Thanks to the Health2mama team!!

- Jane Xie-Alfreds

- Katie Fraine - Health2Mama

Lovely instructors and service. Highly recommended. Their administrative processes could be a little better though

- Salman Jaffer

I was recommended Katie from Health2u for a prenatal massage and so glad I got in touch . She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and put my mummy worries to rest. The massage was great and so relaxing I fell asleep right at the end. 😊 From start to finish the process was well organised, efficient and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for various massages or physio

- Sabrina Shah

Rebecca was gentle and patient. She did ultrasound therapy and lymphatic massage which helped relieve some pain. Can see the difference straight away after one session. She even recommended a very good lactation consultant to help in latching. Thank you so much.

- Hui Kai Adeline Peng

Rebecca looked after my elderly mum at home while she was over staying with us for a few months and helped her improve her mobility and strength with rehab exercises.  Strongly recommend the service as so convenient not having to taxi my mum back and forth to a physio 3 times a week

- Nadia S

Excellent knowledge on treating the root cause of the issue. Shes attentive and has a depth of understanding on identifying deficient movement patterns. Great service all around!

- Alexander B David

I had a lot of pain during my pregnancy in my lower tummy which stopped me being able to walk or doing any exercise. Laura from Health2mama visited me at home and gave me some advice on things I could do and exercises to stop the pain from happening. Thank you!

- Shamina T

I was worried there was something wrong in my pregnancy but Health2mama helped me by diagnosing round ligament pain as causing my tummy pain.  So relieved and now I am able to do things to help ease the pain when it happens.

- Kate Tan