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We specialise in home visit physiotherapy and care home services that meet your needs directly. As well as physiotherapy home visits, our experienced physios can also carry out treatment in your place of work, at a time that works for you.

Physio After Surgery

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We specialise in home visit physiotherapy and care home services that meet your needs directly.
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Physio Comes to You in Singapore

Specialists in providing physiotherapy at home and work throughout Singapore

Physio Comes to You offers a comprehensive home physiotherapy service, designed to fit around your needs and lifestyle. Our team of fully qualified and professional therapists provide a range of physiotherapy treatments at home. This removes the inconvenience of travelling to a clinic and not being able to be seen at a time that suits you.

We specialise in home visit physiotherapy and care home services that meet your needs directly. As well as physiotherapy home visits, our experienced physios can also carry out treatment in your place of work, at a time that works for you.

Get in touch to book an initial appointment where we’ll assess your needs and develop a comprehensive physio at home treatment plan. We also provide a range of quality products to complement your home physiotherapy treatment plan.

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Rebecca was great and I think there has already been an improvement.  

- Monica

James has been on time, nice, chatty and the therapy has already proved very effective after one week. James has really encouraged me to keep doing the work and is keen to help me improve. I don't know what else I could have wished for.

- Arthur Van Schie

My feedback is very positive as Becky was able to diagnose my issue, and she has really helped me to understand what the problem is and how I can rectify the issue.  Since seeing Becky I've been doing the exercises she gave me and I'm certainly seeing an improvement each day.  Becky is a r...

- Trevor Taylor

Jose is one of the best physios I've ever had. He is committed and very serious, very professional, and has pleasant manners. I can recommend him warmly.  

- Heidi Robine

I have found physiocomestoyou to not only be excellent in their discipline but to also be reliable. I have been seen regularly for the last 3 years by them in my nursing home to work at maintaining my independence for as long as possible and recommend highly to anyone wanting the same. They are adap...

- Jeremy Vaughan

Rosemary just had her first appointment with Emma and was delighted! Excellent person and professional, thanks a lot for your recommendation!  Looking forward now with huge optimism to the surgery and recovery work afterwards. 

- Hans-Hartwig Blomeier

I’m very happy with your service. My physio is very good. She is polite, and always turns up on time.  

- Ciaran Kelly

I have been very impressed with the admin from yourselves and the level of care offered by James Bradley.  Thank You.  

- Yasmin Golar

Our assigned physiotherapist Hannah McGovern is very professional, supportive and keen to help my dad.

- Raja Farooq

I was in considerable pain and was struggling to stand up as I couldn't straighten my back.  Maria Kanaki came out to my house on two separate occasions.  She slowly got me to make a number of moves and exercises as well as massaging my back.  This made a tremendous difference.  ...

- Stephen HAlexander

I found my physio very nice and very professional and I intend to keep on seeing her.  

- Colm O'Shea

We are very happy with Mrs. Feely's Physiotherapist.  She's very attentive and encouraging, which has meant Mrs. Feely performs her exercises very well.  We would recommend her 100% to friends and family.  

- Rosemary Pierolt

Laura has been really helpful and caring like a personal friend. My knee's condition has improved so much after all the physio sessions. Will definitely recommend. 5 STARS

- Jessica Lim - Singapore

Started Physio with Qian Xin in early July 2017. At that point in time, I had just recovered from a left calcaneum fracture and having non weight bear since 24th April 2017, there was muscle wasting on my left leg. Qian Xin had to strengthen almost every muscle on my left leg from my left hip, left ...

- Tee Kit Lee - Singapore

Eva was a big help and I appreciate her being able to come- we were just visiting London and I have been continuing to do the stretches she showed me while I'm Scotland. 

- Stephanie Lynn